Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Improbable Illusion

One cannot deny the fact that, the 3D mania has spread like a wildfire post Avatar and the latest flick to barge into the bunch is ‘Drive Angry 3D’.This is not a movie which was made so that it would make it’s way into the Oscars eventually or for that matter, any other prestigious award ceremony. It’s a commercial potboiler, which was made to satisfy a certain section of the audience and ofcourse to make some quick money. Drive Angry is the story of a man who escapes from hell, in pursuit of his grand daughter, to save her from a cruel king of a barbaric satanic cult. From the storyline itself it is evident that, one has to believe in his illusion rather than intellect to enjoy the movie. Nicholas Cage as John Milton fits the bill perfectly and impresses the audience with his casual performance. Amber Heard (Piper), doesn’t disappoint as Milton’s accomplice. But, William Fichtner is the person who actually bags all the plaudits. The Dark Knight star, as the pertinacious ‘Accountant’ manages to tickle the funny bones of the audience and pulls off his role with ease. The movie is jam-packed with gun fights, car chases, which might test your patience. Funny one liners and a few interesting sequences is what, helps you to cruise through the ride. If you are an action lover and have some time to kill, go for it.

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randomblogname82 said...

I just watched this last night and really enjoyed it. I ordered it on Pay-Per-View but almost missed it when I took longer than anticipated at the office. Thankfully, I work for DISH so I took a break and used their TV Everywhere to watch the movie on my iPhone. The movie was a little over-the-top with high-speed chases and a lot of gun-slinging but still very entertaining.

June 1, 2011 at 10:17 AM

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