Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Loyal Lawsuit

Greed for money can create a feud even among the best of friends. This fact is disturbing, yet that is the truth. Unfortunately, I happened to witness such a disturbing event just a few months back. Small fights between friends can be solved just by talking. But, when it involves big money, there is no other option than approaching an advocate, to settle the dispute. Yardy and Zubin, my colleagues, were best friends from their childhood days. They wanted to start their own business by building a multiplex. They even registered the land where they wanted to plant their initial idea of entrepreneurship. Everything was smooth until one day, when Zubin found that Yardy had cheated him majorly, by removing his name completely from the land documents. Initially, even Zubin thought that it was some kind of a mistake. When he approached Yardy for clarification, he was cool enough to admit that he had done it on purpose. Unable to bear the deceit, Zubin filed a lawsuit against Yardy, with my help. The famous ‘Yardy against Zubin’ lawsuit or yaz lawsuit, went on for several weeks without any conclusion. Finally, after three months, the judgement was given in favour of Zubin. The particular incident keeps reminding me that, money is not everything and greed for it can result in practically anything.

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