Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Genuine Gesture

Flying to a scintillant country like Arabia, in itself is an amazing experience. Would you believe if I say that it was a stranger who made my trip a special one..? Though the guy was definitely a decade elder to me, there wasn't a thing which he didn't know about the teen world. I was shocked and surprised at the same time. Within a few minutes of our flight, we became passenger pals. He then mentioned that he owns a footwear shop in Saudi and that was the reason why, he knew the pulse of the younger generation. Being a footwear fanatic, I myself put forth a lot of questions about the various models and gave him some interesting suggestions on the kind of marketing strategies they could formulate. He was thoroughly impressed. We had so many things in common that, it was like, the entire journey happened in a jiffy. He then invited me to the Shiekh footwear festival organized by him. He was also generous enough to offer me the shiekh shoes coupon, a voucher which would fetch me the brand of footwear I adore. The genuine gesture, by a fellow human being, made my trip a memorable one.

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